Logo Design

A catchy logo can be almost as important as the company name and the domain name. Some are abstract, and others visualize the type of business you operate. The sample to the left took just took a few minutes to create. Others are more involved and require several hours of effort. If you already have a logo, we can convert it for use on your web site. Your logo is a graphic symbol and reminder of your business. Think of Apple, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, MacDonalds, National Geographic, CBC, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc.

Your logo should appear on your web site, your letter head and business cards, and any printed advertising that you use. Over time, it will become an image that is remembered and associated with your business.

If you are requesting a logo for an existing web site, make sure you pass along the URL so we can look at the colours of any other graphics you are currently using. Please also specify the size of the logo in pixels and any preference about the style of the logo. Take a look here for logo size samples.

If you are interested in having Sky Valley Web Design design for you
please send an email to webmaster@sky-valley-web-design.ca.