Banner Design

Banner Info...

A banner can advertise your product or service. It can be shown on the top of some or all of your pages, or each page can have its own unique banner. Placed on other popular web sites, they can be effective advertising for your business. Used this way, they will be links back to your site. Banners can be still or animated. Animated graphics should not be "too busy" or annoying. Banners are also often submitted to print media for advertising.

What Size?

What size, main colors, and what text would you like to use? 468 x 60 pixels is a common banner size, but it can be any size that you wish. Please also specify any other details, such as file format, maximum size of the file, and how many frames if it is animated. Take a look here for sample sizes.


Here are a few sample banners. Some are simple with just the company name, while others show details about the business.

Very simple, while still conveying its message. 400 x 100 pixels
Bright or "neon" effects are eye-catching. 350 x 75 pixels.

This banner is the same as the one at the top of the page except for not having a transparent background.
400 x 100 pixels.

This one is 350 x 50 pixels.
Sometimes a very simple banner can be effective.
Other times, an elaborate animated banner can catch the visitors attention. 200 x 80 pixels.